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Sanyati Ltd was established in 1991 specialising in game fencing in Kenya. Over the next 10 years Sanyati Ltd was at the forefront of designing and building fences throughout East Africa and has gained a reputation as the leading fencing contractor for large scale game fences.Through a process of expericence and experimentation Sanyati Ltd has developed and pioneered various fencing techniques that have proved very successful in restraining wild animals and detering humans from breaching boundaries.In 2010 Sanyati Ltd came under new management and the company has continued to develop new fencing techiniques.

As well as fencing, Sanyati Ltd has expertise in the construction of lodges, domestic houses, power houses and aircraft hangars. Sanyati Ltd specialises in construction projects in isolated areas and has the personel and back up to be able to operate in challenging conditions. The new management has a pedegree in the construction business and as a result this side of the company has continued to grow.

Sanyati Ltd also specialises in urban residential electric fencing. Fences can be built to individual specifications using both wooden and metal posts and can be alarmed , monitored and linked up with the security company on site. With an office and base in Nairobi, Kenya , Sanyati Ltd is well placed to cater for the growing residential market and has the back up and trained personel to provide reliable after market services. Monthly maintenance contracts are also offered.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]